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Are bloggers important to your business?

Bloggers are becoming one of the most valued methods of advertising in modern marketing. Over time, the individuals are gaining more power and influence, giving a select few almost celebrity status. Of course, many businesses are sceptical of the value of blogger advertising, so we want to explore whether bloggers are important for your business.

One contributing factor towards the power of bloggers is the sheer number of people who read what they post. For example, beauty blogger ‘Zoella’ has amassed nearly 9 million Youtube subscribers, and nearly 4 million Twitter followers. It’s safe to say, anything that Zoella posts is certain to gain a large amount of attention. As long as your product ticks some boxes, having a blogger post about it can only be positive.

The only downside to this is that you will most likely not have control over what the blogger says. Although, their opinion is most likely to be biased in your favour, as they naturally will appreciate the opportunity you have given. Some bloggers make a point of stating when a post is financially endorsed, which can reduce the weight of their comments, as they appear more forced and less legitimate.

The fans of a blogger will be dedicated, meaning that whatever the blogger endorses they will jump on board with. Some fans will be so dedicated that they will not even question the product before purchasing, as they desperately want to have anything that they believe their blogger idol has.

The major downside of this route is the cost involved. Although not as high cost as a television advertising campaign, without fully trusting in the capabilities of this method, it can be difficult to put your business’ money on the line. Most of the high profile bloggers will charge a fee, although the very biggest bloggers are inundated with requests, so they will most likely only pursue ads that would fit in well with the blogger.

On the other hand, you cannot put a price on the amount of exposure your company could be granted through this method of advertising. Bloggers are among the most influential people in the world for young people, and their opinions carry huge weight across the world. Even subconsciously, people will pick up on their trends and taste, and will value a product more once they have endorsed it.

Overall, bloggers could be hugely beneficial to your business, and there is no harm in contacting them to find out their fee, even if it is not pursued further. Ignoring their importance can be catastrophic, and can lead to your business falling behind.

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