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How real are people on social media?

The use of social media is growing throughout the world, enabling it to become an even bigger part of people’s lives. This has lead to an increasing number of people beginning to live through social media, particularly via Facebook. But how real are the lives people display online?

The level of control people have over what they display on social media enables them to only show happy parts of their day-to-day life. Being able to only show others what they’d like them to see gives people the opportunity to put across a ‘perfect’ life with no flaws whatsoever. Of course, this can escalate with psychological effects, and it can lead to obsessive behaviour, with people becoming fixated on the life they have created for themselves online.

Not only do people display the ‘perfect’ life, they also make sure that their physical appearance comes across as perfect. Facebook is filled with Photoshop pros that spend hours of their lives on creating that one perfect image for their profile photo!

Surprisingly, many people have actually been known to lie about going on holiday. Possibly due to the huge pressure people feel to impress each other online, some people have posted images of a holiday scene that they actually found on Google!

Adding as many people as possible so as to look more popular is another growing trend. To some, the number of friends or followers they have is a hugely important matter, and they try to create the illusion of large-scale popularity. It’s all about the numbers, right?

As a result, there are a growing number of people becoming very irritated by the seemingly perfect lifestyle others are living. It can lead to people becoming extremely frustrated that their life does not match up, and can leave them feeling inferior.

As time goes on, people’s social media lives become more and more false, as people compete on a day-to-day basis. Will it end? Who knows what the future will hold with regard to people’s social media falseness, maybe the lies will just continue to grow.




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