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Why it’s important not to become complacent in tourism

In the tourism industry, it is inevitable that each year will include both busy and quiet seasons for your destination. For most places, they will become particularly busy in the Summer or the Winter depending on their offering, or surrounding a major event. It is easy to celebrate a successful part of the year, and become complacent, feeling that the job has been done, we want to explain why this will have a negative impact on your location.

Complacency can lead to lack of planning, it is easy to become taken up in the success of your destination at peak time, and lose focus on planning. It is likely that you will plan during the quiet times in order to handle peak times, but why is there no such priority for planning for the quiet time of year? During peak time, you should be planning strategies for the quiet season, in order to try stop a big drop in visitor numbers.

It is important not to let visitor numbers during peak times be the big motivator for your team, if you let this happen, your team will have a severe lack of motivation during the quiet season, and will struggle to work in the same manner as previously.

Becoming complacent leaves you more vulnerable to surprises, and a drop in visitor numbers could leave your organisation feeling dropped into the deep end. Ideally, you need to be ready to shift marketing tactics accordingly when the numbers drop, to keep the momentum going.

During the quiet time you may also end up using desperation tactics to try and increase visitor numbers, leading to poor decisions and judgement. If the plans are already in place, decisions cannot be emotionally lead, or motivated by fear. Making your important decision during peak time will give you better judgement in order to make a more measured decision.

Complacency can also lead to poorly distributed finance. Lack of judgement can lead to overspending during the quiet months, due to worry about low visitor numbers and desperation. Having a proper plan in place can make sure that your organisation does not run out of money at any point during the year.

It is hugely important not to become complacent during peak season as a tourism organisation. Proper planning, and looking at the bigger picture rather than the short term, can give your destination the best chance of being successful. At Sheard & Hudson we design campaigns to bridge the gap between peak and off peak seasons, making sure that your destination doesn’t get forgotten about at certain times of year.

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