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Why you should keep updating your website

Updating your website may be a daunting prospect for many, as it can be both costly and time consuming. However, it is often forgotten that to change a website does not necessarily mean a complete rebuild, it can be as simple as editing some text. We want to take a look at why updating your website regularly is essential.

The high paced nature of ever evolving trends can lead to your website looking out-dated. Updating your website will not only improve visual impact, but will enable you to keep on par with your competitors. Having a fresh and dynamic site will consequentially increase sales for your business.

Having a regularly updated site sends the right message to your clients. Leaving your site the same for too long can allow your company to appear lazy and slow, rather than high paced and on the ball. Updating your site on a regular basis helps your company to appear hard working, and shows clients that you are constantly adapting to the marketplace.

Driving site visitor numbers is another benefit of updating your website. Everybody likes to look at something new and exciting, and a brand new site will have everybody taking a look! It can also increase re-visits, a potential client who may have previously decided not to use your company, may come back for a second look and change their mind.

Businesses constantly adapt to the market in order to keep up, and due to this, your business’ site can become out of date very quickly. If your ethos or what you offer changes, your website should mirror this immediately. Updating your website is an opportunity to make sure that your website matches up with your company at that point in time.

Updating your website is vital to maintaining a successful business, and even small changes can make a difference to people’s perceptions of your company. At Sheard & Hudson, we have just completely rebranded ourselves and built an entirely new site.

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