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10 good reasons why you need social media management

Social Media Marketing is in essence handing over control of your online presence to a third party, and allowing them to realise your business’ full potential online.

At Sheard&Hudson, we will do everything from creating social media accounts, to creative posts, planning and running dynamic campaigns, and communicating with your audience. We will start with a complete plan, to show you exactly what we intend to do for your company. Our abilities can be tailored to what would be most valuable to your company, as we understand that not every business has the same needs. We want to take a look at 10 reasons why your company needs external Social Media Management.


  1. Our guess is that time is a luxury in your business, and due to this, social media may be forgotten about or ignored for weeks at a time. To get the best out of Social Media for your business, it requires the proper time and attention to be dedicated to it. At Sheard&Hudson, we can dedicate the time that your social media accounts require; keeping up with your competitors in what is an extremely high paced environment.
  2. Social Media is all about speed, breaking news the fastest, tweeting the most often, keeping up with current affairs. To keep your business at top speed, your social media will require full time attention, and constant updating, something which can only be achieved with external social media management.
  3. With huge events like Christmas, we recognise that in order to keep up with competitors on social media, your company will need increased posting and specialised campaigns to run during that time of year. Our speciality is creativity, and we can ensure that your company stands out from the crowd during the Christmas period, ultimately leading to more interest and exposure, and therefore more sales.
  4. Communication is key on social media, and in order to keep up with the messages both directly at your business, and posts indirectly about your business, your social media will need to constantly be checked. We can spend the right amount of time both communicating with those who are already aware of your brand, and those who do not yet know that they are in need of your services.
  5. Communication ultimately leads to community building. Even a small group of dedicated fans can be hugely beneficial for a business, as these fans will ultimately act as free advertisement for your company. In a community, people will feel as if they are both giving something to your brand, but also receiving acknowledgement, encouraging them to keep on praising your company.
  6. Social Media Management will put you ahead of your competitors, potentially allowing you to draw customers away from other businesses. Those who ignore the potential of social media marketing will remain stuck in older forms of marketing, leading to them being left behind. At Sheard&Hudson, we will not only make sure you keep up with your competitors, we will make sure you outdo them.
  7. The more you post on Social Media, the more chances you will have to direct customers back to your website. The ideal method of directing people back to your site on a regular basis is to create an online blog with topical posts that will entice people into clicking through to your site. With time being so valuable to you, we can post on your blog for you, as regularly as you require.
  8. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is greatly improved by regular Social Media use, as Google now picks up on posts made on Social Media. This is another benefit of creating a blog, as by using keyword terms that you customers may be searching for online; we can drive more traffic to your site and ultimately create more orders.
  9. If you do not analyse progress, it is impossible to adapt and improve. As a part of our Social Media Management service, we provide analysis of progress, to show you exactly how much progress we are making with your business.
  10. Ultimately, you may not realise how to best use Social Media to your advantage, and should seek professional advice. With new Social Media sites popping up monthly, it is important to let someone else take control of your Social Media and keep up with the new online trends.


At Sheard&Hudson we can devote proper time and attention to your Social Media, and ensure that your company is not left behind. Get in touch to find out about what we can do for your company, and how we can tailor our abilities to your needs.

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