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Why your content should always be connected

As a company, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is Content inconsistency. It is a common mistake to neglect Brand Guidelines, and stray from the original Branding. All of your Content should always connect, that’s everything from your logo to your social media posts, your website to your staff uniforms. We want to take a look at why connected Content is so vital to a business.

Reinforcement of your message is key, if there’s a point you’re trying to make, your best chance of making it is to constantly reinforce it. Your message should be connected across all channels, television advertising, Social Media, email newsletters. To give your message strength, it must always be consistent.

Without your Content connecting, your key message is lost, and peoples vision of your brand becomes blurred. Disconnected Content leads to a disconnected message, disconnected staff, and disorientated consumers. If your company doesn’t know what it’s trying to say, how are your customers supposed to understand?

When you lose your message, you lose your customer’s trust, and when you lose their trust, you lose your customers. Customers want to know exactly what to expect when they put their trust in a company, and being unsure of what your company is trying to deliver can leave your customers lacking in trust.

Disconnected Content can not only leave your customers confused, but it can leave your workforce confused too, and this will be very obvious to potential customers. If your company seems confused, nobody will have faith in your offering, and they are likely to seek your product elsewhere.

Disconnected Content can only mean bad things for your company, so always insure to stick to your Brand Guidelines and police them across your workforce. If you’re feeling confused about your company’s Brand, or are in need of some Brand Guidelines, get in touch.


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