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Why giving is the key to digital marketing

Giving back is the key to Digital Marketing, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk inspired us to talk about the key to connecting with people online as a business. It is all too common for businesses to ask, ask, ask, instead of give, give, give, and we want to explain why this is the worst possible strategy for digital marketing.

Firstly, giving people something back will grab the attention of many, and hook their interest. For example, a giveaway on Facebook is always going to receive more attention than a post about a new product. Not only does giving grab your customers’ attention, it motivates them to react. The key is, that even when giving away a product, you will always gain something in return, whether it’s app downloads, page likes, or simply mass exposure to your brand. It is all about giving, and asking for something small back in return.

Giving to your customers creates a relationship, as with real life relationships, your customers will feel as if they ‘owe you one’. It creates a vision of your brand in their eyes, as a generous company that is always giving back, and can offer exciting things to their customers. When you have established this relationship with your customers online, they will know that paying attention to your posts is worthwhile, and may even check back in regularly, in order to make sure that they don’t miss out on any offers.

Social media is filled with brands who don’t know how to connect with their audience, and create monotonous posts which don’t connect with customers. Due to this, being different is key, offering is key, this will take their attention away from other brands, and make them focus on yours.

The simple fact is that giving back drives high numbers on your social media accounts. It is the key to constantly building page likes and followers, rather than a slow and steady increase, if there is an increase at all. For smaller businesses we are talking about the difference between 10 likes and 1000 likes, and for larger companies, the difference between 1000 likes and 100,000 likes!

The point is, giving will always create a bigger, better response on social media. It is the quickest way to gain a base of loyal online fans who are eager to support your brand by making regular purchases, and will always ‘like’ and ‘share’ your posts.

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