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Is rebranding always the right option?

New Year is always a time for change, and with businesses that can often mean a new Brand. We spoke in our previous post ‘New Year, New Brand’ about the importance of assessing your Brand in the New Year and making sure that it is on trend and still fits with your company. However, a new brand may not always be the most suitable development for your company, as it could have negative implications.

Your current Brand may already be a perfect fit for your company, and may be bringing you widespread success already. To change a Brand that is already working for you is not only completely illogical, but a complete waste of time. Make sure to look at your Brand properly and seek advice, in order to determine whether you need a rebrand or simply a brand refresh.

A drastic change in Branding could lose loyal Brand Ambassadors. An example of this is the recent Tunnocks Tea Cake incident, in which they not only lost their loyal supporters, but caused great offense by ignoring their traditions. It is vital to keep your current supporters on board, as losing them may be a huge issue going forward.

Rebranding may also be a waste of money for your business, money that could be spent better elsewhere, for example, on implementing your branding better across your company, perhaps it is your Brand Guidelines that need assessing. Are your staff interpreting and implementing your Brand Guidelines correctly when commissioning external companies? If not, your vision is not having a high impact, and could be weakened as a result. Instead of starting fresh with a new Brand, you could spend time working with a Branding Agency to make improvements to your current Brand, and produce Guidelines if you don’t have them already.

It is hugely important to make sure to think before you rebrand instead of rushing into it. You should ask yourself, is my Brand really the problem? If you’d like us to take a look at your Brand and advise you on how to move forward, get in touch for a free Brand consultation.

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